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Women of the AGIF of Texas, Inc. 2013 Conf. Message 

We concluded our 65th AGIF of Texas, Inc., State Conference last month and I want to applaud all of the Conference Committee Members for a job well done.

The Job Fair that was hosted on Thursday in conjunction with the National Veterans Outreach Program (NVOP0 was very successful in allowing Veterans the opportunity to network with the various corporations who participated in aligning themselves with potential jobs.

 The speakers which included Congresswoman, Sheila Jackson from District 18, was the keynote speaker for the Women & Youth Luncheon and gave a powerful and inspiring congressional message regarding issues of immigration, the health care act and Veteran bills; Minerva Perez, a former TV News Anchor, an award winning Broadcast journalist and now partner of the new multimedia, Latina Voices: Smart talk also serving as Mistress of Ceremonies; Congressman Gene Green who for his first time ever, presented a WWI certificate to the family of Bernardo Bazan Elizondo, a Veteran from WW1 Texas POW, posthumously, thanking his daughter and granddaughter for his service and informed the family and the audience that at some in the future Mr. Bazan Elizondo would receive his overdue metals posthumously also; Congressman Al Green who presented the AGIF of Texas, Inc., with a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition; Brigadier General Joe Ramirez, Texas A & M Commandant for Corp of Cadets, who was the keynote speaker for the Commander’s Banquet who enlightened the AGIF of Texas, Inc., with factual figures how a school age child has a 33% chance of being incarcerated and what we should do to stop this trend;  Past National and State Commander Juan Mireles who served as Master of Ceremonies for the Commander’s Banquet; Yolanda Suarez, Sr. Vice President, NVOP, who was the keynote speaker for the Saturday Luncheon and who gave us a snap shot of what Veteran programs presently NVOP is offering and doing to assist Veterans to acclimate back into society; Gil Rodriguez, AGIF of Texas, Inc., Executive Secretary/Treasurer/CEO; Thomas Kreneck, author, former Texas A & M Corpus Christi Archives curator who gave some personal interaction with our Founder Dr. Hector P. Garcia. and our very own, Past National and State Commander and Past AGIF-US National Executive Director, Antonio Morales who was the Master of Ceremonies for the NVOP Luncheon.

Presenter, Johnny Mata, media activist, gave us tips on how to deal with the media. Department of Justice Retiree and now Houston Coalition for Justice Educator Justo Garcia shared his advocacy of Education for all Children and Presenter, Justo Garcia, shared his advocacy of  Education for all Children.

The women and youth of the AGIF of Texas, Inc., had a round table and Stephanie Lefthand, AGIF of Texas, Inc. State Youth Chair and AGIF-US National Youth Chair brought up the fact of the sexual assault that is occurring in the military and that a statement and/or resolution needed to be prepared so that it could be forwarded to the appropriate agencies/persons.

During the conference, Commander John Martinez made committee appointments.  After the committees met, they gave their reports to the assembly.  Resolutions were presented and passed with some going on to the AGIF-US national office for presentation at the AGIF-US National Conference in Denver, Colorado. 

During the Founder’s Reception/Dinner, the El Paso Del Norte  Forum received the Outstanding Forum Chapter of the year for 2012/2013 and Connie Ivarra-Espinoza, from the Greater San Marcos Sgt. JPN Memorial Women’s Chapter, received the 2012/2013 Woman of the Year Award. 

Elections were held and all the officers currently in office were re-elected.  The Sgt. At Arms position was open and Roy Reyes from the San Antonio Miguel Hernandez Forum was elected as Sgt. At Arms.

In closing, I must commend the Hotel and its staff for their excellent service.  They went out of their way to ensure that all of our needs were met and the food was excellent. 

In closing, the Women of the AGIF of Texas, Inc., and the entire organization, stand proud and support the ideals that our beloved and revered founder, Dr. Hector laid down and left us and; we always remember to thank our Veterans and military forces for allowing us the freedom we enjoy today.

 See you in Denver.

Tina L. Olivares,  State Chairwoman
AGIF of Texas, Inc.

Message from the Women of the AGIF of Texas, Inc.

Many Activities, Yet Much More to do

2013, proves to be a better year for the AGIF of Texas, Inc..  We need to keep the faith, walk the path that Dr. Hector set for us back in 1948 and work for the betterment of the organization, its members and the people/communities we service and most importantly, thank the Veterans who through their efforts, we stand on free ground today especially those men and women returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

On January 17, 2013, several executive board and members of the AGIF of Texas, Inc., including our Executive Secretary/Treasurer, attended an onsite inspection at the Robstown Housing and did a walk through on the new housing community they are constructing. 

In attendance were: John Martinez, State Commander, Cesar Ruiz, 1st Vice-Commander, Howdy Leak, 2nd Vice-Commander, Paul Herrera, State Secretary, Gil Rodriguez, State Executive Secretary/Treasurer, Maria Ramirez, from the Coastal Bend Area Women’s Chapter, Leo Estrada, Tony Jimenez and Raymond Ovalle from the  Richard Rocco Forum and myself.  Also in attendance was Mr. Walter Martinez, the Vice-President/CEO of SACDC, a Community Development Council, Inc. who is overseeing the project along with the contractors and the Ruben, the Maintenance person for the Housing Community.  They are constructing 3 and 4 bedroom homes and are adding lots of extras for the families.  They are doing a fantastic job.  Afterwards, Mr. Martinez treated the group to lunch at La Familia Restaurant in Robstown; the food was excellent.

In the afternoon, The AGIF of Texas, Inc. aforementioned AGIF members visited with each other at the Law Offices of Amador C. Garcia to reminisce about events, meetings, etc., from the past and discuss possible future endeavors and the upcoming board meeting in San Marcos, Texas.  Joining the group was Amador C. Garcia, the AGIF of Texas, Inc., Legal Advisor, who generously offered the use of his conference room for the group to meet.  A big thanks to Mr. Garcia for allowing us to use his facility.

That evening, the aforementioned AGIF of Texas executive board and members, attended the Beatrice Perez Women’s Chapter’s Scholarship Reception.  Also present were: Amador C. Garcia from the Dr. Hector P. Garcia Founding Chapter, Sally Colvin, Crystal Cruz, Anna Guzman and Anna Leal, members of the Coastal Bend Area Women’s Chapter, Richard Dominquez, Anita Dominquez and members from the Forum & Women’s Chapter from Rockport, Texas, Luis and Patsy Vasquez Contes or Contes Vasquez from Colorado and members of the Beatrice Perez Women’s Chapter. 

There was a great turn out, lots of media coverage including the Caller-Times and the three (3) Veteran Scholarship recipients were very appreciative of the scholarships they received.  Also in attendance were students, principals, staff and parents from Martin Middle School, Nueces County and Corpus Christi elected officials, sponsors from HEB and Wells Fargo.  Wells Fargo sponsors donated a $200.00 gift card and back packs to all of the students present.  Little Cesar was also a sponsor and they provided good food/beverages for those in attendance.  All of the speakers were excellent.  I want to congratulate Ms. Leslie Cristan, Chairwoman, chapter members and to the Vasques-Contes/Contes-Vasques for a great job.   

We need to keep all of our members and their families in prayer, too many people are suffering with colds/flu/pneumonia this season. 

2013 is a new beginning for the AGIF of Texas, Inc., and its members.  We are not looking back but moving forward.  Let’s each of us recruit a new member so that our organization will be the largest and strongest within the AGIF of the United. States.  

I look forward to meeting with all members, from each entity to see what we can do to move the AGIF of Texas, Inc. forward.

Let us keep all of those members who have been under the weather due to colds/flu in our prayers and a special prayer for Betty Manchego, our State and National Women’s Treasurer who had some serious surgery on February 18, 2013.  We love and miss you Betty.  Get well soon.