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American GI Forum of Texas, Inc. Thank you from Commander Martinez for a Job Well Done!

American GI Forum of Texas, Inc. Report: Houston, Texas – Greetings Fellow Forumeers, Women and Youth chapters and friends. This is my first chance to Congratulate the new Commander-Elect Ceasar Ruiz and the rest of the re-elected Board members. Once again it is an honor to have been your State Commander for the past 5 years and will continue to serve you until June 1. It is unfortunate that I had to miss some activities with some things still pending because of health issues. Gil and I have always worked to make this the best organzation in the Nation and thanks to all of you we have, in my opinion,  successfully achieved that goal. I am pleased knowing that our membership is stable, our finances are excellent and our state is united. I'm sure that come June, Ceasar and our board will continue our progress.

I wish him and all of you the very best, knowing that I wll remain active, I will continue with my term and assist in any way I can. We had a great conference in Houston, the last with me present, last year because we all contributed to its success just as all of you did in Austin.

I was happy to be present in Austin this last March by teleconferene on two occassions and was glad that I was a part of some of the important decisions made. At the Executive Committee meeting, that body made some importand decisions as well as at the State Board meeting on Sunday. Thanks to Vice Commander Mario Perales for doing a great job running and leading the meetings.

I am happy that you concurred with me that the State Office is doing a fantastic job. We are now sending out membership cards on time, our chapter programs continue successfully, our budget for the state office continues to be in line with our finances and the work on the upcoming National Conference is right on schedule. Thank you to all that are assisting with this event, I look forward to it being a complete success and look forward to being there with you.

Because of our Fiscal responsibilities our newly elected officers will not assume office until June 1, 2018. Your new travel budget will also began at that time. In the meantime, your present travel and reimbursement budget still falls under the 2017-2018 period.

I am very happy to report that many good things happened and continue on my watch. I am proud of what we have accomplished and done together and look forward to the continuance of our legacy and our mission. I will continue to serve you as commander with my very best until June 1, 2018. Stay together with me!    

John Martinez
Your American GI Forum of Texas, Inc. Commander

American GI Forum of Texas, Inc. Commander Martinez Activity Update

American GI Forum of Texas, Inc. Report: Houston, Texas – Greetings Fellow Forumeers, Women and Youth chapters and friends. Once again it is an honor to have been with you all during our State Conference here in Houston, Texas. We had a great conference and a full report is being published on the site. I have participated and have been helping or State office on many activities since our last meeting, some have involved travel other have been made electronically and some made with calls to many of you and specially our with state office.Below are some activities that I have been involved with and as always represent you and the State Office.                                                                                              

  • February 6 - 17, Texas State meeting held at Fort Stockton, Texas where state business was conducted.
  • March 7, Conference meeting held weekly on Wednesdays for effectiveness.
  • March 23 – 25, Attended the National Mid-year in San Antonio, Texas.
  • March 23, Meeting with NVOP board of directors.
  • March 24, Meeting with National Public Radio, NPR, for an interview with Gil and I regarding Normana Cemetery.
  • April 6, Cookoff, BBQ at TBH for conference benefit.
  • April 17, Presented American GI Forum funeral service for Vietnam Veteran “General” Christopher Homan at Houston National Cemetery.
  • April 28, Attended with several Lucian Adams members the 80th birthday of the infamous John Mata.
  • April 29, Veterans’ job fair with NVOP in Magnolia Texas at the VFW. Approximately 80 Veterans participated.
  • May 29, Attended and participated at the Memorial Services at Houston National. Lucian Adams member Refugio and I met with the brother and son of Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Macario Garcia at Macario’s grave site. Ninety thousand are buried here including 4 CMH recipients.

CEO Rodriguez, the State Office and I have had numerous conversations with various Texas chapters on matters that needed our assistance. Appreciate and Thank our State Office for all the help and guidance that they give us that many times goes under appreciated and under PAID. THANK YOU STATE OFFICE….(GIL AND LUPE.)


June 8- 11, Participating in Houston Texas during our State Conference.

July 1 – Participating in the 13th Annual “Salute to America” program, a musical/pictorial Tribute to Hispanic Military/Families.

July 19 - 22, National AGIF Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

John Martinez
Your American GI Forum of Texas, Inc. Commander

Cmdr Martinez: Donald J. Trump Sworn in as U.S.President

American GI Forum of Texas, Inc. Report: HOUSTON Texas – State Commander John Martinez and the Board of Directors  join AGIF members as Donald J. Trump was sworn in as the 45thpresident of the United States of America on the west front of the U.S. Capitol in wishing him well. He offered the follwoing statement:

“This afternoon, our nation witnessed the most miraculous part of our system of government – the peaceful transfer of power. We have, once again, witnessed that our American way of Life is more powerful than all our differences. The American GI Forum of Texas Board of Directors and its members congratulate our new president, Donald J. Trump and say farewell to President Barak Obama thanking him for his eight years of service to us, the American people. We all wish him and his family well.

"We Congratulate and welcome our new president Donald J. Trump and his Administration as he begins the task of leading and unifying our Nation. May God give him the strength to guide our Nation successfully through the next four years.

"The American GI Forum will continue to work with Veterans and welcomes the opportunity to join the new administration in helping correct, expand and advance the rights and benefits of all veterans and advance the economic welfare of all citizens in all our communities.

"May God Bless our new President and God Bless America."

John Martinez, Commander,
American GI Forum of Texas, Inc. 

AGIF 2015 National Conference Update, Texas Commander’s Message

American GI Forum of Texas, Inc. Report: HOUSTON, TX – The 67th Annual National Conference of the American GI Forum of the United States held on July 30 – August 1 at Millbrae, California will be remembered as a GREAT Conference hosted by the California State Office.   A BIG THANKS !! to Duane / Gloria Goff, Angelica Tellechea, and the entire hosting committee.  Everything was SATISFACTORY!!

TWENTY-SIX, yes 26, Texas delegates convened in California to assist in getting Commander Angel Zuniga elected as National Commander again for a second term; Jeanie Aleman from Houston, also, was elected for a second term as Women Treasurer; and Jesse Aguilera from Fort Worth was selected as Sgt. Of Arms. Others elections as follow: Vice-National Commander from Colorado, Luis Vasquez Contes; National Secretary from Colorado, Russell Lopez; National Treasurer from Colorado, Ernesto Montoya; National Chair Women from Michigan Felicita Lugo; Vice-Chair Woman from Kansas, Alicia Rodriguez; Women Secretary from Colorado, Kathy Clenin; and National Youth Chair Mercedes Rodriguez

A BIG TEXAS CONGRATULATIONS to LUPE RODRIGUEZ  for being the recipient of  the Business and Professionalism Award during the Women’s Dinner. Other awardees were Marian Martinez from Nebraska awarded the Leadership Award; and Patsy Vasquez Contes from Colorado awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award. Please click here to view more photos.

Overall, the speakers, presenters, special guests, and elections were well taken. Your Texas elected National Commander Angel Zuniga did an excellent job and will do even better in his second term.

THANK YOU to all Texas American GI Forum / Women Chapters that attended. I, as well as most of you all that departed Sunday morning or later driving, faced the 2,000 miles more or less drive home.

Your State office has and will always be here to assist you in any endeavor that you may face. Please contact them. Yet, we have faced many challenges; we have endured another year and look forward to having a better year every year.

John Martinez
Your American GI Forum of Texas, Inc. Commander

From the National Commander
2015 National Conference

American GI Forum of Texas, Inc. Report: CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – I wholeheartedly extend a big THANK YOU to all that attended, sponsored and supported the 67th American GI Forum of the US National Conference in Milbrae, CA. This year’s themes were Civil Rights in the 21st Century and Bridging the Digital Divide. The conference was jam packed with workshops for veterans and cyber-enthusiasts of all ages.

Workshops held during the three day conference were “Helmets to Hardhats”, “What is a Makerspace?”, “Growing and Managing Your Chapter Through Social Media”, “How to Start Your Own JROTC” and “The Importance of Growing Your Organization on a Local Level”.

Special thanks to our government friends Barbara Ward and Dwayne Campbell from the Department of Veterans Affairs, Lawrence Romo, Selective Service System and Maria Elena Lemus, Social Security Administration. 

The conference success can also be attributed to our sponsors, keynote speakers, Emcees and other contributing participants. Thank you Senator Richard Polanco (Ret), Peter Villegas VP Latin Affairs with The Coca Cola Company, Angel Carrera, Chief Certification and Outreach, Dept of General Services, State of California, Cynthia Moreno, Journalist, McClatchy Newspapers, Vida en el Valle, NY Times Fellow,
Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, Anna Caballero, Secretary for Business, Consumer Affairs and Housing Agency, State of California and Roy Jasso,
Wells Fargo Bank.

Thanks also to AGIF-National Veterans Outreach Program, AGIF of California, Wal-Mart, Southwest Airlines, Sonima Foundation, DGS General Services, CS Bio Co, and Calsa.

Finally, thanks to our committee chairs Angelica Tellechea, Lupe Rodriguez, Marian Martinez, Patsy Vazquez-Contes, Dottie Bruton, Albert Gonzales, Jesse Aguilera and Jake Alarid for all their assistance to ensure a successful and smooth running conference.

National Commander

 2015 National Conference - Milbrae, California