Commander's Report: Special San Marcos Board of Directors Meeting

American GI Forum of Texas, Inc. Report: San Marcos, Texas – The Texas Board of Directors met for a special called meeting at the San Marcos Library in San Marcos Texas. The special meeting was called by commander Ceasar Ruiz to discuss pending issues and to update the members on the events that have occurred since our State conference held early this year in March 2018. A state-of-the-state report was given by the State office.

Pending finance business were reviewed, and were cleared authorizing the CEO to proceed with all transactions as discussed and reviewed. Some finance and property items were discussed in executive session and accepted while some will await further review for ratification later by the board.

Brief reports on the 2018 State Conference and also on the accomplishments of the 2018 National Conferences hosted by AGIFTX held in San Antonio last July. The National Conference briefing did not include a finance report or any fund distribution because a report must first be given and accepted by the National Board at the National Mid-Year Conference in Corpus Christi in February 2019.

The Commander reminded those present that the Texas State Mid-year Conference will be held in February 2019 in Del Rio Texas and the 2019 State Conference will be held in Seguin in June.

State Properties Chair Phillip Gutierres presented a brief status report on all State-owned AGIF properties. The State office presented a 4-year Business and Strategic Plan Draft to the Board for review. Commander Ruiz appointed a committee to fine tune and finalized the plan before it can be presented to the State Conference in June for acceptance. Constitution amendments will be read and accepted in Del Rio next February and if accepted will be ratified by the conference in July.

The State Office announced that there are plenty of 70-year Anniversary Commemorative Pins and Patches. Chapters will be receiving pins according to membership. You can send a check to the state for all or for the amount purchased and return the rest. You can also request more.

To be prepared for the upcoming Texas State Legislative Session, Commander Ruiz will head the legislative committee and a legislative agenda will be formulated on issues related to Veterans, to include Education, Health, Jobs and business/economics.

Before the meeting adjourned, Commander Ruiz informed the Board that Teleconferences may be possible before we meet in Del Rio in February. Ample notice will be given by mail, telephone, email or posted on the Web.


Commanders Message: San Marcos Board of Directors Meeting

It was great seeing everyone that attended the state board meeting in San Marcos on Saturday, February 23, 2013.  Happy to see Past Commander Larry Perez from Waco visit with us. San Marcos Forum Commander Paul Vela and Greater San Marcos Chairwoman Sylvia Garza did a great job as hostesses. Thank You! We missed our Women’s Treasurer because of illness. Please know that our prayers go out to Betty Mancheco, Women state treasurer, and to all that have faced surgery or illnesses requiring rest.   

We enjoy participation and reports from Region Commanders and Region Chairwomen.  Its good to know that you are doing some GREAT THINGS in your areas. Let’s be prepared and hear from all Regions. The board will not know about your activities without your input. Notice to all Regions, if you have a report that is due, please mail them to the state office for our records and filing or email them to as soon as you can.

Sylvia Garza, 2012 Outstanding Member was presented with her Award from Chairwoman Tina Olivares. A little late, but congratulations to a hard working Forumeer. We passed a resolution pertaining to Bingos and their reporting, heard about the updates on the upcoming State Convention in Houston from John and Jeanie Aleman, as well about the Mid-Year Conference in Kansas City, MO from Gil Rodriguez regarding the flexible hotel rates for each day. We also agreed to change the Region numbers to geographic names by location such as Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western.  This should be user friendly when we discuss where a certain Region is located. Wanda Garcia also introduced us to the endangered building proposal. Please visit our website for additional information. 

Your Legislative Team lead by past commander and State secretary Mr. Paul Herrera; Executive Secretary-Treasurer Gil Rodriguez; 1st Vice Commander Ceasar Ruiz, Austin; Robert Flores, San Antonio; and Jim Cardle from Austin has really been busy on the hill, State Capitol, visiting with our legislatures and constituents. The Team, including Past National Commander Tony Morales, attended the Texas Veterans Commission 15th Annual Veterans Summit held at the Palmer Event Center in Austin TX on February 12 – 13, 2013. 

The Summit provided a unique venue for a wide array of attendees to collaborate on ways to meet the challenges facing Texas Veterans.  Those in attendance included Veterans Service Organizations, which represent over 600,000 Texas Veterans; county, state, and federal officials involved in Veterans’ programs and organizations; organizations that provide service and assistances to Veterans and their families, as well as Veterans themselves.  On Tuesday, February 26, 2013, the Team also attended the Texas Association of Mexican American Chamber of Commerce (TAMACC) first annual joint legislative reception held in Austin TX.  I applaud the great work that this Team has undertaken.  Any member willing to get involved with the Legislative Team, please let me or our state office know.  Regrettable, I was registered for both of these events, but unable to attend due to the illnesses that I described earlier.

The Lucian Adams chapter, Houston, hosted a toast for Dr. Thomas H. Kreneck who retired last year. Tom, as we know him better, has written several books regarding Hispanics within Texas. Tom was the curator of the Dr. Hector P. Garcia papers archived at the University of Texas A & M history department in Corpus Christi.  Please read related story.

Your state officers are here to help and do all we can for our fellow Veterans and our communities. Please click on the articles and pictures submitted from our chapters throughout the state. Your web site is not possible without you sharing your news via memos, e-mails,  or other social media. This keeps you updated on what is happening in your state.

Our next meeting together should be in Houston during the 65th State Convention. I am looking forward in seeing everyone there for an exciting time together. I have heard that Houston is preparing a dynamic convention just for you!

Let’s all get involved. This is your Website. Share articles, photos and news items by sending them to our state office for publication. Your involvement is necessary and encouraged. Remember we are a TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More).

Thank you all for your cooperation, help and your continued support of our state organization, the BEST is coming to AGIF in 2013.

John Martinez, State Commander
American GI Forum of Texas, Inc.