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Washington DC AGIF Veterans Day Celebration Update

American GI Forum of Texas, Inc. AUSTIN, Texas – to keep you up-to-date on the Veterans Day Events in Washington DC this coming November, we have published below the latest updates concerning the 3-day event forwarded to us State from Colorado Commander Luis Vazquez Contes,

Friday 9 NOV, Hosting a Wreath Laying Ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery (Felix Longoria Gravesite) at 10 AM.  Transportation is being negotiated via a bus leaving the hotel probably at either 9 or 930 am - 50 PAX Bus. 

Then head to the US Capitol at 1:00 pm to arrive at the office at a designated location for a tour of the US Capitol for whoever is interested.  We will hopefully have CHCI Congressional Interns provide the tour.  We will have a designated time and location for a return bus trip to the hotel.  Please Tip the bus driver, highly recommended

Saturday, 10 NOV, you can either go on your own touring during the day, or you can join AGIF on the bus, which is being negotiated; around 9:00 AM that we will have for the day. A tour is being organized by our AGIF DC Contacts for the people that go on the bus to go to some DC sites, returning sometime in the afternoon.  Tip the bus driver, highly recommended. 

Reception at the Sheraton Hotel on the 16th floor in the evening at 5:30 pm with a breath-taking view of D.C.  All AGIF attendees and some designated VSO invitees are welcomed. 

(NOTE:  We do not have a sponsor for the reception currently.  We need to raise $10K for this event.)

On Sunday,  11 Nov, depart Sheraton at 8:30 AM to Arlington National Cemetery for the official Veterans Day Ceremony; go to security and screening.  We have tickets for the Lawn seats (good seats) for all our AGIF attendees.  Afterwards we have the buses taking us to the AGIF Veteran Day Reception we are co-hosting with the American Red Cross and catered by Mission Barbecue @ 12:30.  Buses will take us back to the hotel after the reception.

Other events happening if you choose not to Attend the Wreath Laying at Arlington National Cemetery @ 1100 am.  Monica and I do not have any input or association to the other events or transpiration.  Being sent as FYI ... 

0900  WWII Memorial Wreath Laying

1100  Arlington National Cemetery - which most (or all) of you will beattending

1200  Vietnam Memorial

1230  AGIF Veteran Day Reception at American Red Cross HQ - which most (or all) of you will be attending

1500  Women Memorial Ceremony

1600  Korea War Memorial

1700  Brigadier General John J. Pershing Park

Hotel Information

Call in hotel reservation (it is near Arlington National Cemetery). The cost is $129 plus tax per night.  The Deadline for hotel reservation is: 10/10/2018

800-325-3535 there will be a few ads before you get a live person
Book with the Sheraton Pentagon City for The Veterans Day Group.
WEB Link: Use or Copy following link into your browser and make your reservation through this link. 


2018 AGIF National Veterans Day Washington D.C. Reception

American GI Forum of Texas Inc: WASHINGTON, D.C. – The 2018 National Veterans Day Reception in Washington D.C. is being hosted this year by the American GI Forum of the U.S. It is  headed by Mr. Ernesto Hernandez, Commander, Washington D.C. and D.C. member Ms. Monica Valdiviez-Wiley.

 They have been working with the American Red Cross which will be providing the venue pro bono. They have also secured 100 rooms from Friday, November 9 thru Monday, November 12. Rates are: $129 single and double. The Pentagon Sheraton Hotel. Please make reservations early if you plan to attend. There is shuttle service from the Hotel to the Cemetery and to the Red Cross Facilities.

This annual celebration at the Nation’s Capitol attracts many visitors. It is important to also make travel arrangements early to receive the best prices. 

We have included all the up-to-date information below. This information may be downloaded and distributed to your members and other members interested in attending. It is important to note that they need help with funding for food and other necessary items. Chapter support is important, but corporate help is needed.  

If you have any question and wish to contact Commander Hernandez or Ms. Valdiviez-Wiley, please contact this office. We only have the information posted below and other ceremonies and event updates will be posted as we receive them. 

AGIF DC National Veterans Day Information