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2013 National Conference, Denver Colorado & Photos

The National Conference convened on July 25-27, 2013 in Denver Colorado. The Conference officially opened on Thursday, July 25 with workshops, committee meetings and the NVOP and HEF held their annual respective meetings, as is traditional, during the National AGIF Conference. A reception took place at the Mile High Club House featuring the Mile Hi Players as they proudly presented” Memories of Vietnam" (A Tribute to Our Veterans) Director, Ricardo LaFore.

On Friday, Speakers, workshops and the Youth Awards Luncheon took place. Mr. and Miss AGIF were selected during their annual ceremony. Speaker for the event was Ms. Jeannette Holland, General Motors Representative. 

Workshops and committee meeting took place during the afternoon as well as Breakouts of the Forum, Women and Youth. Reports and Recommendations that were prepared and presented to the assembly by all committees that met. The official results will be presented in our official minutes. The resolutions Committee headed by Jake Alarid passed three resolutions that have been properly distributed.

The Business Plan Committee Chairman made several recommendations. However the only action taken by the committee was to continue with the same committee and continue to develop a plan that can be adopted by the 2014 Conference.

Friday Evening, a tribute to Founder Dr. Hector P. Garcia at a Banquet with Keynote Speakers, Flavius C. Killebrew, Ph.D., President/CEO of Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, Texas

Saturday, the Women’s Awards Luncheon took place with Grace Flores-Hughes as Keynote Honorable.

Saturday Afternoon elections took place and the 2013 Executive Board elected are as follows:

Commander              Luis Vazquez Contes, Colorado
Vice commander       Carlos Rivera, Texas
Secretary                 John Navarette, Nebraska
Treasurer                 Ernesto L. Montoya, Colorado
Sgt-at-Arms             Ceasar Rito Ruiz, Texas

Chairwoman            Patsy Vazquez Contes, Colorado
Vice Chairwoman     Angela Lopez, Colorado
Secretary                 Kathleen Clenin, Colorado
Treasure                  Betty Manchego, Texas

Youth Chair             Stephanie Lefthand, Texas         

Congratulations to the New National Executive Board. For only the second time in the history of the National AGIF Organization, we have elected a husband and wife team, Luis and Patsy Vazquez Contes, Colorado, to head our National Board and the Women’s Board. National Chairman “Tino” Flores and his wife Fran Flores, California, were elected in the 60’s and were the first couple to achieve this honor.
Congratulations to Commander Vazquez and Chairwoman Vazquez on this achievement. Congratulations to our National Youth Chair, Stephanie Lefthand from Texas.

Let’s all do what we can to support the Leaders we have elected. The best way we can move forward is to support our Executive Board, elected at our conferences, and the rest of our National Board representing each active state. States may be represented by as many as 3 board members. State commander Chairwomen and Youth Chairs from states having the 3 entities make up the rest of the National Board regardless of the size or number of members that state may have. 

Saturday evening, the Commander’s Military and Awards Banquet presented Lt. Gov. Joseph A. Garcia of Colorado as keynote, followed by Steve L. Muro Under Secretary for Memorial Affairs and Lawrence G. Romo Director of the Selective Service System. 

Next year the Midyear Conference will be hosted by the HEF in Las Vegas, Nevada. The 2014 National Conference will be in San Antonio, Texas, hosted by the Austin, Texas Women and the American GI Forum of Texas, Inc. California under Commander Duane Goff will host the 2015 National Conference in Sacramento, California.

Please enjoy the photos taken by members and delegates present and on display on this web site. Mr. Jose ‘Chato’ Garcia, Nebraska, who took many of these photos, has given Texas permission to publish some of these historical photos, and we thank him for sharing with us these excellent photos, an honor and tribute to his talent and hard work. Thank you Jose. We want to thank everyone else that shared his or her photos with us and with you. Some of these photos you may have already seen on many of our Facebook pages. Enjoy them and we will see you in San Antonio! 

 2013 National Conference Photos